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Wealth Management

Kayan Securities Inc.’s Wealth Management platform is a distinguished financial advisory service which incorporates financial planning, investment portfolio management and other essential investor financial services as well as investment products to maximize the investment experience of its clientele.

Kayan Securities Inc.’s Wealth Management platform is focused on individuals, small business owners and families who desire the assistance of a financial advisory specialist to coordinate retail financial services, investment management, estate planning, and tax consulting which in turn will enhance the income, growth and tax favored treatment of short and long term investors.

Kayan Securities Inc. is able to provide a full range of investment products as well as transaction services via its association with Wedbush Securities, Inc.  Investment products and services which investors can receive access to through Kayan Securities, Inc. include equities, fixed income, bonds, mutual funds, tax shelters and select private placements.  Your Kayan Securities, Inc. financial professional can properly advise on these services via a direct consultation. 
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