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Retirement Account Mgmt

Kayan Securities Inc.’s Retirement Account Platform has been established to help its investor clientele properly allocate its financial resources for retirement and secure the desired financial independence.

Kayan Securities Inc. financial professionals, pursuant to regulatory Know-Your-Client (“KYC”) policies and procedures, will conduct the proper due diligence to understand their clients' retirement needs and objectives and help and guide the investor in properly setting aside money or other financial resources in order to establish a suitable future retirement income.

In order for clients to achieve financial independence, the investor along with his or her financial professional must strive to pay attention to detail while keeping in mind that early retirement planning ensures maximum potential for the growth of retirement investments.

Kayan Securities, Inc. financial professionals are able to provide the following retirement investment services:

IRA / Roth IRA / SEP IRA / IRA Rollover
401k Plans / 403b Plans
Money Purchase / Defined Benefit Plans

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