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Restricted Securities

Restricted Securities are securities with limited transferability.  These types of securities are usually issued in a private placement and the certificates will contain a legend stamped or printed on them restricting sale until such time as a Registration Statement has been filed registering them for trade.

As a full service broker dealer; Kayan Securities has the capabilities to help investors sell these restricted investments and maximize their financial potential.

Restricted Securities Rules 144, 145 and 701 are highly complex and require the necessary knowledge and due diligence to ensure that the sale of these securities are made in compliance with the law.

Kayan Securities Inc. can help you through the paperwork as well as the regulatory framework governing these securities that usually can delay the transaction process. At times the ever-changing regulatory environment can be both overwhelming and complicated.  However, the expertise of the financial professionals of Kayan Securities Inc. can perform these transactions in a smooth and timely manner.

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