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Execution and Settlement

Kayan Securities is a fully disclosed broker dealer that facilitates the financial transacting of investment products for a retail and institutional clientele of investors through cash/margin accounts or DVP accounts.

Via its clearing and execution arrangements with Wedbush Securities, Kayan Securities Inc.'s staff of financial professionals have the resources, technologies and efficient market capabilities to provide its clients with the best possible trade execution of all types of financial market instruments, including but not limited to:

  • Stocks and other financial equities products
  • Bonds and other fixed income products
  • Mutual funds and ETFs
  • Options
  • Arbitrage and algorithmic trading strategies (including trades at the opening and trades at the closes)
  • Restricted securities
  • Direct Participation Products (DPP)
  • Accurate and timely settlement of trades
  • Low-cost stock borrowing

Our Wedbush Securities provided workstations is a fully automated system which allows the Kayan Securities financial professional to monitor across the life of the trade to streamline pre- and post-trade processes.   

The result is the efficient and best trade execution experience and productive business relationship for the client and Kayan Securities Inc. 

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