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Cash Management

Kayan Securities Inc.’s Cash Management platform is designed to help investors and businesses process, budget and invest various forms of income such as salary, receipts and payments, in an organized and efficient manner.

Kayan Securities Inc.’s Cash Management platform makes use of a number of automated support services. Cash management services by Kayan Securities Inc. range from simple checkbook balancing to investing cash in bonds and other types of securities, both for short and long term investing goals and objectives. Other services include but are not limited to checking, savings, collateral (Margin) loans and more to meet all your personal banking and lending needs.

Kayan Securities Inc.’s Cash Management platform can benefit new and growing businesses as well as the personal and self-employed investor.

The key to the Kayan Securities Cash Management process for its investors lies in how the firm advises our clients regarding tabulating realistic projections, monitoring the receipt of various forms of income, well defined disbursements to address set financial obligations, and adhering to budgetary restrictions.
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